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Humacell Serum (Human Thrombin)

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HumaCell is a non-AB human serum that is not gender specific and it is not blood type specific and is meant for human cells where FBS is being used. Each individual unit is tested and found negative for all viral markers via FDA-approved methods: HIV-1, HCV and HBV by Nucleic Acid Test, Parvo B-19, WNV and HAV by Nucleic Acid Test, Anti-HIV 1/2, Anti-HCV, HBsAg & syphilis. Additional testing provided by Access: ZIKA, Chagas, Anti-HBC, Mycoplasma, Endotoxin, USP Sterility, Hemoglobin, Osmolality, pH, Chemistry and Species testing. Material is collected from donors meeting the health requirements established by 21CFR 640 subpart G via plasmapheresis. This product is manufatcured using human thrombin. Units are pooled, processed and .1 micron sterile filtered under cGMP guidelines.

Disclaimer: This product is intended for in vitro, further manufacturing use or cell culture. All units have been collected in the USA in FDA licensed facilities and tested with FDA approved methods.