COVID-19 Seroconversion Panel

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Our seroconversion panels are intended for use by diagnostic manufacturers and researchers during assay development, evaluation and troubleshooting test methods. Each sample is a unique plasma sample drawn during a developing virus or infection.
Our COVID-19 seroconversion panel consists of 14 members with each member containing 1 vial of 1.0 mL of human plasma. Panel members collected in this longitudinal series are from a single donor during the progression of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. This panel illustrates the onset and decline of IgM and IgG SARS-CoV-2 antibodies titer over a period of 87 days. Panel members are undiluted, naturally occurring plasma samples collected in 4% sodium citrate. Units were aseptically filtered. No preservative has been added. All panel members are ready to use.

Disclaimer: Individual donor units used in the preparation of this product have been tested and found negative by tests for antibodies to HIV 1 / 2, HCV and non-reactive for HBsAg. Pooled samples were found non-reactive for HIV 1 RNA, HBV DNA and HCV RNA by Nucleic Acid Test. All testing performed with kits approved by the FDA. Each donor has been tested and found negative for syphilis according to FDA guidelines.